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In Love With Plants

**Caro's biggest inspiration is nature and travelling and it's beutifully reflected in her urbanjungle - bohemian styled home. She talks about the secret of her cozy, jungle interior, her favorite decor elements and how she'd spent her days during lockdown.**

Lockdown Reborn

Ali started crafting the images in April, got creative at home due to the lockdown. He's a perfect example to not let ourselves victimised by corona virus and channel our energy into our creative side.

Green Apartment Of Kylie

Kyie let us take a closer look at her small apartment living with 70+ plants. Guess what's her favorite decor element!

Boho Planterior Of Lena

Rare plants, fairy lights, cozy fabrics and candles turn the interior of Lena to an inspiring, follow-worthy boho planterior.

Elena The Home Gardener

Shot this quick Q&A with the photographer and plant lover Elena who's welcoming us to her tiny twinkling urban jungle home.

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Dalgona Style Matcha Drink

First, I had a crush with the mint cloudy look. I mean, what can be more aesthetic way to start the day with than that? And then, I decided to make it at home, and omg guys. Turned out, it tastes as good as it looks. So I thought it's worthy to share the recipe with y'all. Well, here it is.

DIY Simple Plant Hanger

Still hang in there? Better be, 'cuz I'm about to show you how to do a simple boho plant hanger in literally 5 minutes. Start the timer, and let's go!

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