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Sustainable Furniture Materials

Furniture made by sustainable materials like rattan, water hyacinth or cork are getting more and more popular, but what are they exactly, and why are they titled sustainable anyway? Let’s find out:

Home Decor Items

Our beloved home decor brands came out with the new collection of home decor items, and they are more natural then ever.

Fluffy Whipped Dalgona Coffee

Seeing all the creamy, airy, yummy looking coffee posts lately, I had only one question: how to do it. Now. At home.

Spring Outdoor Space Ideas

Either you have a terrace, backyard or a balcony, it's time for taking care of it. Check out and be inspired by the best looking outdoor spaces I've found online and get ready to decorate yours. It's time to enjoy the light of the spring sun and some fresh air. Oh and don't forget about the gardening part.

Our home can be a therapeutic sanctuary

We can transform our home to a happy place. We can focus on ourselves and our environment by starting new or forgotten things we always want to do but somehow never managed to have time for it.

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DIY Simple Plant Hanger

Still hang in there? Better be, 'cuz I'm about to show you how to do a simple boho plant hanger in literally 5 minutes. Start the timer, and let's go!

Books & Mags - March

Be inspired what's worth to read this month.

In Love With Plants

**Caro's biggest inspiration is nature and travelling and it's beutifully reflected in her urbanjungle - bohemian styled home. She talks about the secret of her cozy, jungle interior, her favorite decor elements and how she'd spent her days during lockdown.**