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Jan Skácelík Art

My first reaction seeing the freshly received new prints from Jan Skácelík was "WOW!" and "OMG!". There's something indescribably attractive in those beautiful shades and vibrant colors. Owning a Jan Skácelík's minimal artwork is a hot trend now. His prints and paintings fit in every home style, no matter if you choose to hang it on an empty white wall or just add it as a new member of a colorful gallery wall. It is simply chic and you'll see why.

Favorite IKEA Arrivals

The 2021 Ikea catalog is out and the new products are cozier, more sustainable and more fun than ever. Take a look at the golden pieces of the new collection and let's see how they look in real homes.

Even Your Wardrobe Can Be Cozy

Picture this: you finally bought your favorite dress or just a new piece to your outfit hide it in that dark, closed wardrobe. No way! Not anymore. Bear with me to find out how to create the coziest wardrobe that every girl dreams about.

Hottest House Plants In 2020

Bring your home to life with the most popular indoor plants in 2020. Let's see the list of the prettiest house plants of the year you won't be able to resist.

Dalgona Style Matcha Drink

First, I had a crush with the mint cloudy look. I mean, what can be more aesthetic way to start the day with than that? And then, I decided to make it at home, and omg guys. Turned out, it tastes as good as it looks. So I thought it's worthy to share the recipe with y'all. Well, here it is.

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DIY Simple Plant Hanger

Still hang in there? Better be, 'cuz I'm about to show you how to do a simple boho plant hanger in literally 5 minutes. Start the timer, and let's go!

Books & Mags - March

Be inspired what's worth to read this month.

In Love With Plants

**Caro's biggest inspiration is nature and travelling and it's beutifully reflected in her urbanjungle - bohemian styled home. She talks about the secret of her cozy, jungle interior, her favorite decor elements and how she'd spent her days during lockdown.**