In Love With Plants

July 24, 2020

Name: Caro (Caroline Reichel), @caropeony

Location: Berlin

Type of home: Two-room apartment

My interior style:

My interior lives from many plants, natural colours and travels that have inspired me. I love my little Urbanjungle and the bohemian style.


How did I get into home decor:

I have always been interested in interior design and even as a child I liked going to furniture stores with my parents. In my job as a communication designer and photographer I am also very creative every day.

Secret of a cozy, urban jungle home:

I love the mix of plants in different sizes, natural materials like rattan and textiles in different earth tones.

Source of inspiration:

My interior and design is always inspired by nature, but also by travels and botanical gardens and I love scrolling through Pinterest.



Fav decor elements:

Plant pots in various shapes and colours, plant stands made of rattan or bamboo and lots of beautiful textiles in natural colours.

Interior / Plant related books I can highly recommend:

Wild Interiors by Hilton Carter.

This is how I spent my time at home during the quarantine period:

I actually wrote the theory for my bachelor thesis all the time. And I repotted all the plants that needed it.


Tell us about your plants. How many do you have at the moment, which home plants are your favourite, when did you start collecting them and why?

I love all my plants, some of them has already moved with me three times. Especially I love hanging or climbing plants, for example different Philodendron species. They are easy to care for and grow very fast. I like them to adapt to the room and grow up against the wall. Plants are the most beautiful decoration. They grow with me and make the whole apartment come alive.

Perfect chill day for me looks like:

Sitting on our balcony in the sun and cuddling my two cats.


Fav Instagrammers:

@homeoftwocreatives, @fleurell, @oh_hedwig,, @foto.maedchen and so many more.

My top home decor / plant shops:

Granit, Pinkmilk, Urbanara, Bergamotte, Nordicnest.